Something new

That will be the first post in my blog and, since I still have 20 minutes of battery life, I will write something short what is that all about.

As you know, I am a classical musician, playing the guitar and this blog is a place, where I am planning to share all the information about my artistic career and my musical life with everyone, who will find that interesting.

That is very funny, but just now I discovered, that becoming the musician is not only practicing your instrument, but also something else. And for me this is really new. There are thousands things to do, if you are planning to share your playing with your audience. And this place, that I created is one of  such a things.

So, my dear guest, feel yourself comfortable to look around and please write me if you have any questions or suggestions.

The blog is still empty, but in some days there will be more life.

See you later!

In Wuppertal 25.10.2013

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