Latest news

I just started my first semester at the HfMT-Köln, in Wuppertal and feel very excited to work with professor Reichenbach and to have all the lectures in my master programme. Moreover, I have a lot of time to practice and to think on my master project. So, everything seems to go in a right direction.At the moment there is a lot of paperwork in different departments, registration in the town and finding finances. I’m learning language as fast as possible and work on organising concerts and finding pupils as well.

Currently I am working on a new duo guitar-mandoline repertoire with a great mandoline player from Russia, Rada Krivenko. I will publish the repertoire soon and add another concerts to the schedule. Besides the concerts, we are discussing on the theme of taking part in ensemble competitions. There are totally repertoire in my hands now and I am very happy to discover new music right now. Nevertheless, I am taking part in a competition of solo-instrumentalists to play with an orchestra of HfMT-Köln.

Next week I will record some demo-videos for one project and maby I will publish some of them in my blog.

I have recently received some letters from my pupils, whom I was teaching in Estonia and that was very inspiring and at the same time very sad, because I have left my teaching practice as well as my home country. But I am very glad to know, that everything is going well.

This homepage work, which I was avoiding and postponing since some years, doesn’t seem discouraging at all, and surprisingly, I am enjoying it too. I have a lot of empty pages, namely repertoire and workshop pages, I just need to put everything on paper before to have all the pieces precisely described. The page music could also find a lot of updates in some weeks, now I’m waiting for the new keyboard for my laptop, on which I have all my recordings. There will be one great live recording from the time of Georg Ots College of Music and some parts of Jose sonata, maby some videos.

Now then, I wish you all the great week and don’t forget to change the time!

In Wuppertal ,27th of October

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