I’m back

There is an irresistible will of starting with: “So, .. ” 🙂 I’m trying to avoid that. Nevertheless, I need to start. So, Итак, Nii or Also 🙂 I am crazy of prepairing the papers for the scholarship and at the moment I am waiting the DVD with my playing, which is still on 39 %. (I will tell you a secret, there are 2 more DVDs to burn). However, that is a perfect time to write something new about the passed week.

All around are confused about the broken Schwebeban, and curiously, that has also affected my own schedule. That is getting cold here, the sky is incredibly low, thus in the morning you feel very flurried with the water sprayed in the air. So,  without the schwebeban I am late for my morning practicing at the Hochschule, so I am taking a room at 8.05 am.

Once I have started with describing my schedule, I will say, that hitherto I was able to have a perfect time and possibility to practice and to keep the good playing form.

Since I have no job at the moment, I am really enjoying that, because in Estonia I started teaching at 19 and I had a lot of pupils during last 6 years. Despite of my remarkable experience, soon I’m going to take some dirty job at evenings just to have new strings on my concerts and to have fun learning German language. But all the experiences are invaluable and you never know where it will bring you.

There is a broadest repertoire now with a duo Mandoline- Guitar, great ideas of arrangements and transcriptions. With my solo practice there is a Brouwer 3. Concerto at the moment for the choosing of the solists in our orchestra. I am really excited about the confidence of the new pieces I have learned with my professor here. I am looking forward to share some new recordings with you, but, please be patient!

I hope there will be a chance to sleep well this week after this paper and recording marathon, and yet that is encouraging. There will be a concert of my collegues on wensday in HfMT-Köln/Wuppertal, and I am waiting forward to hear to them playing and I am really intreagued by the Aachener Gitarrenpreis, which I will listen to on Saturday. It will be hot there, good luck all the participants! I will write about my impression here afterwards.

The DVDs are ready and I wish you a good night and an amazing week, full of music and whatever you like. See you!

In Wuppertal, on 11.11.2013

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