Short report

The informational vacuum, that was happening in my blog during this month was caused by total lack of time and, to be honest, with a lack of motivation to write.

Some news: after a despair of finding pupils here, now I am replacing teachers in 2 municipal music schools and work permanently in a private school in Düsseldorf. Well done.

Next week is a finish line for prepairing the III Concerto by Brouwer to play for a competition in our conservatory. This year seems to be a record by the number of the participants! The pianist, who is playing the part of the orchestra is a brilliant musician and it is fantastic to play with her. What could be better!

The concerts with a chamber music duo went also well. I really enjoy the balance between two plucked instruments. The sound of this kind of ensemble is like a completely new instrument with a wide range of colours. Just perfect!

I also improved the sound and some technical details. The guitar reacts emmediately and starts to sing. Time to organize more events to let you hear it.

I am finishing writing, because I still need to translate my biography to German and continue practicing. I wish everyone to enjoy this rush before a New Year and Christmas as I enjoy it and all the best!

PS there are some changes on the page “Concerts”. I deleted the empty pages, and I will restore them as soon as they will be ready.

What do you think of a news page on Russian, Estonian or German? 

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