Visiting luthiers’ workshops

Hi Guys!
There were a lot of talking about a new guitar and now it is time to move from words to action, and I am very curious and excited, where it will finally bring me. Today I will tell you about a trip we made.
die Wuppertaler

Yesterday we were in a very interesting journey to a couple of luthiers’ workshops near Frankfurt, to try there their guitars.
I was primarily interested in the instruments with a modern construction, because my current is a traditional one, built after Torres model, and we were lucky to try the “double-tops” at the both workshops of mr. Lebisch and then of mr. Schäfer, two significantly different workshops, as well as the guitars that we tried there.

As there were four of us, three students and Maestro, all very different players, we could make a many-sided test of all of them, so if you are going to try some guitars, do take a brilliant players with you, to listen to it as a listener and also just to have fun being on the road.

The first workshop was in the town called Offenbach. I could hardly remember any attractive architecture or the atmosphere of that place and if i forget the long road from Wuppertal, it could have been the same place here nearby. But the workshop itself and the luthier have made the unforgettable impression. Jin in Offenbach
I knew, that we are going to a young guitar maker, that is a part of a new generation of luthiers, and it was so. We met a young guy, who seemed to be with a very smart and engineering type of thinking and the instruments looked like fashionable “ferraris” in the well ordered and logically built clean and attractive workshop.
We tried two his guitars, both with a very powerful and even explosive character (if you are not delicate enough), both with a fantastic dolce register. The cedar was with a darker tone and the amazing new spruce guitar (the first spruce that he built) was really warm and shiny, surprisingly soft and with a really round sound for the spruce.

Expecting something like similarity or stereotypes from that modern constructed instruments I was surprised, how relative was my prejudice. The first guitars that we tried had a very powerful, full and even percussive tone, the others owned a very warm and even traditional tone with it’s lightness.

Jin in Niederbrechen

The second workshop was situated in a very little town called Niederbrechen. It seemed to be a classical workshop, full of guitars of all types, baroque, flamenco, romantic… parts of the guitars were everywhere and the chaotic atmosphere was a symbol and a soul of real artists workshop. If I would not know that the guitars were “double-tops”, I would have thought that that are very sophisticated solid top guitars with a really warm sound and a light palette of colours. But if you see the guitars, you see the variety of luthier’s fantasy and experiments in details. You feel that you hold a masterpiece.
For sure I will return there to try the guitars once more.

It is hard to describe any detailed impression here, and I will not even try to do it. It is a magical and misterious act for every musician, searching for the instrument, but from the other side, as you try them, you become a scientist, who considers the sound and all the characteristics “under the microscope” (I don’t imagine how the luthiers can bear it, standing by).

But the adventure has just started and for sure I will share it with you.

what a year!

suspension railway
The fantastic year at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln Standort Wuppertal – sounds quite long, I know – is over.
Feel myself happy, deeply and pleasantly tired, with a lot of memories, experience, parties, concerts and beautiful hours spent with my instrument; with a superior lessons, every like a masterclass, rehearsals, some competitions and lot of fun.

Of course, a bit sore, a bit bitter, a bit of doubts, sometimes sad, but it is a part of our beautiful life. – schöne Nebengeräusche, haha –

I would not like to write about facts, achievements or anything else like boring statistics. I will keep it short and simple, as my guru once adviced.
The most fantastic is the fact, that I have the second year as well and I am sure it will be unforgettable. – legen/dary –

Waiting forward to see you in Estonia, my dear friends!

Guitar for Sale

Viljar Kuusk Konzertgitarre 2011

Viljar Kuusk Konzertgitarre 2011

Viljar Kuusk Konzertgitarre 2011

Viljar Kuusk Konzertgitarre 2011

Classical Guitar built by  Estonian Luthier Viljar Kuusk

February 2011

Music samples

Top: Spruce/ Fan Bracing
Back and sides: Rosewood
Scale: 650mm
Origin: Estonia
Price: Please Inquire

Short report

The informational vacuum, that was happening in my blog during this month was caused by total lack of time and, to be honest, with a lack of motivation to write.

Some news: after a despair of finding pupils here, now I am replacing teachers in 2 municipal music schools and work permanently in a private school in Düsseldorf. Well done.

Next week is a finish line for prepairing the III Concerto by Brouwer to play for a competition in our conservatory. This year seems to be a record by the number of the participants! The pianist, who is playing the part of the orchestra is a brilliant musician and it is fantastic to play with her. What could be better!

The concerts with a chamber music duo went also well. I really enjoy the balance between two plucked instruments. The sound of this kind of ensemble is like a completely new instrument with a wide range of colours. Just perfect!

I also improved the sound and some technical details. The guitar reacts emmediately and starts to sing. Time to organize more events to let you hear it.

I am finishing writing, because I still need to translate my biography to German and continue practicing. I wish everyone to enjoy this rush before a New Year and Christmas as I enjoy it and all the best!

PS there are some changes on the page “Concerts”. I deleted the empty pages, and I will restore them as soon as they will be ready.

What do you think of a news page on Russian, Estonian or German? 

I’m back

There is an irresistible will of starting with: “So, .. ” 🙂 I’m trying to avoid that. Nevertheless, I need to start. So, Итак, Nii or Also 🙂 I am crazy of prepairing the papers for the scholarship and at the moment I am waiting the DVD with my playing, which is still on 39 %. (I will tell you a secret, there are 2 more DVDs to burn). However, that is a perfect time to write something new about the passed week.

All around are confused about the broken Schwebeban, and curiously, that has also affected my own schedule. That is getting cold here, the sky is incredibly low, thus in the morning you feel very flurried with the water sprayed in the air. So,  without the schwebeban I am late for my morning practicing at the Hochschule, so I am taking a room at 8.05 am.

Once I have started with describing my schedule, I will say, that hitherto I was able to have a perfect time and possibility to practice and to keep the good playing form.

Since I have no job at the moment, I am really enjoying that, because in Estonia I started teaching at 19 and I had a lot of pupils during last 6 years. Despite of my remarkable experience, soon I’m going to take some dirty job at evenings just to have new strings on my concerts and to have fun learning German language. But all the experiences are invaluable and you never know where it will bring you.

There is a broadest repertoire now with a duo Mandoline- Guitar, great ideas of arrangements and transcriptions. With my solo practice there is a Brouwer 3. Concerto at the moment for the choosing of the solists in our orchestra. I am really excited about the confidence of the new pieces I have learned with my professor here. I am looking forward to share some new recordings with you, but, please be patient!

I hope there will be a chance to sleep well this week after this paper and recording marathon, and yet that is encouraging. There will be a concert of my collegues on wensday in HfMT-Köln/Wuppertal, and I am waiting forward to hear to them playing and I am really intreagued by the Aachener Gitarrenpreis, which I will listen to on Saturday. It will be hot there, good luck all the participants! I will write about my impression here afterwards.

The DVDs are ready and I wish you a good night and an amazing week, full of music and whatever you like. See you!

In Wuppertal, on 11.11.2013

Latest news

I just started my first semester at the HfMT-Köln, in Wuppertal and feel very excited to work with professor Reichenbach and to have all the lectures in my master programme. Moreover, I have a lot of time to practice and to think on my master project. So, everything seems to go in a right direction.At the moment there is a lot of paperwork in different departments, registration in the town and finding finances. I’m learning language as fast as possible and work on organising concerts and finding pupils as well.

Currently I am working on a new duo guitar-mandoline repertoire with a great mandoline player from Russia, Rada Krivenko. I will publish the repertoire soon and add another concerts to the schedule. Besides the concerts, we are discussing on the theme of taking part in ensemble competitions. There are totally repertoire in my hands now and I am very happy to discover new music right now. Nevertheless, I am taking part in a competition of solo-instrumentalists to play with an orchestra of HfMT-Köln.

Next week I will record some demo-videos for one project and maby I will publish some of them in my blog.

I have recently received some letters from my pupils, whom I was teaching in Estonia and that was very inspiring and at the same time very sad, because I have left my teaching practice as well as my home country. But I am very glad to know, that everything is going well.

This homepage work, which I was avoiding and postponing since some years, doesn’t seem discouraging at all, and surprisingly, I am enjoying it too. I have a lot of empty pages, namely repertoire and workshop pages, I just need to put everything on paper before to have all the pieces precisely described. The page music could also find a lot of updates in some weeks, now I’m waiting for the new keyboard for my laptop, on which I have all my recordings. There will be one great live recording from the time of Georg Ots College of Music and some parts of Jose sonata, maby some videos.

Now then, I wish you all the great week and don’t forget to change the time!

In Wuppertal ,27th of October

Something new

That will be the first post in my blog and, since I still have 20 minutes of battery life, I will write something short what is that all about.

As you know, I am a classical musician, playing the guitar and this blog is a place, where I am planning to share all the information about my artistic career and my musical life with everyone, who will find that interesting.

That is very funny, but just now I discovered, that becoming the musician is not only practicing your instrument, but also something else. And for me this is really new. There are thousands things to do, if you are planning to share your playing with your audience. And this place, that I created is one of  such a things.

So, my dear guest, feel yourself comfortable to look around and please write me if you have any questions or suggestions.

The blog is still empty, but in some days there will be more life.

See you later!

In Wuppertal 25.10.2013